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Graduate Engineer (University of Applied Sciences), aged 55 years, married, with unterminated employment contract as an executive. In my 30 years of work with a leading manufacturer (number 1 in Europe) of flexible pipe elements (metal bellows / metal hoses), I have obtained special knowledge in both engineering and production as well as in global purchasing. In particular, I could acquire good excellent knowledge in the processing (welding and forming technology) and the acquisition of high-precision stainless steel strips (austenite, Ni alloy, titanium, etc.) for the divisions of mechanical engineering, energy, chemical, automotive, aerospace and medical engineering. I have discussed the application of so-called future alloys with their manufacturers and end users within the scope of development partnerships. Contacts with all leading manufacturers of high-precision strip material are part of my day-to-day business.

In the position of a strategic senior purchasing manager of our group for the contact with all producing affiliates, I could gain experience in foreign trade (including trade with the U.S.A and Asia). Additionally, I have acquired global knowledge by attending fairs, stainless seminars and nickel conferences. For many years, I have recognized the increasing importance of high-precision strip business, so I am looking for partners (investors) in this field of engineering. Your company’s position in the market and my niche knowledge would, in my opinion, by an excellent combination for business in Southern Germany and the adjoining countries. The short distance to a high potential of medium-sized and important consumers of high-precision strip material would provide good chances for a cutting / service center with an appropriate know-how transfer (competence center for application-oriented consulting services).

My vision is: The cooperation with a financially strong partner and thus the presence in the European market as a leading supplier of high-precision strip material (up to a thickness of 0.025 / austenite, Ni alloys, titanium).

The customer’s benefits:
• Partner with high competence in both technology and strategy
• Short inquiry response periods
• Immediate processing of orders
• Excellent adherence to delivery dates
• Customer-oriented engineering and business consulting
• Supplies from customer-controlled finished goods warehouses

The range of high-precision strip material customers: Manufacturers of flexible elements, suppliers to the automotive industry, chemical industry, window and furniture industry and also electric and electronic telecommunication / data processing technology and finally aerospace, dental and medical technology.

A strategical coil business (finished strip material coils of basic widths) and state-of–the-art cutting technology would be the requirements for securing an advantage in competition through just-in-time delivery to the most important customers. In this context, the logistic connection to the customer (assumption of merchandise planning responsibility) and certification management according to QA 9000 / VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) 6 will play an important part.

From my point of view, Pforzheim (with its central location between Karlsruhe / Stuttgart / Ulm / Rastatt / Freiburg and the adjoining eastern countries Czech Republic / Poland), surrounded by sound medium-sized and innovative global players would be the ideal location. Pforzheim and its surroundings has become a competence center of high-precision engineering. Short distances to customers in combination with highly qualified personnel are additional advantages of this area. There will be mega trends in the demographic development of EU location conditions that Baden-Württemberg / Bavaria will become the favorite top locations. The construction of the new highway exit Pforzheim Nord has established conditions which will make this region an optimum location (Pforzheim has two new industrial areas) for innovative enterprises. Additionally, Pforzheim has a good and efficient university (economics / engineering). The graduates of this university could take with them the name of your enterprise in the course of a transfer of knowledge and may thus become future customers.

I would be glad if you would contact me personally. You will find my vision also on my own homepage (com)

I am looking forward to our future contact and cooperation.